Saturday, May 20, 2006


Speaking of how great our God is, I want to recommend an incredible sermon by Louie Giglio called "Astronomical Grace". I share it today because it will go "off line" in the next two weeks or so. This is one that you need to see to get the full effect. Visit Northpoint and look for the message dated 9.18.05. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

This man is awesome. Thanks Chad. Bill and I listen to Charles Stanley; Charles Stanley's son, Andy is also a minister there. Love it. Aunt Sandi

Chris Jones said...

The cross in the core of the whirlpool galaxy is awesome!!

How amazing, and large is our God when you consider that he made all of that stuff just for fun. In a moment, in a word, all that was created. And yet I have trouble trusting him completely sometimes.

Sandi said...

WOW! I watched this video and listened to Louie's sermons twice. Each time, I was like a magnet drawn in.............How awesome is OUR GOD!! Sandi