Saturday, May 06, 2006

Moving Conversation

As this night nears an end I find myself flat out beat. We spent the entire day moving my sister's family into their new home in Maineville, Ohio. Though the day was physically exhausting I thoroughly enjoyed sharing in their special day.

As I reflect on this day I have to say that I found myself in frequent communication with God. Not that I have this prayer thing nailed down because I don't. But I'm always striving for
more. Today I can actually say that my conversations were frequent and diverse.

There was the moment when I prayed for deliverance when the Jeff Gordon Pepsi machine about killed us all as we attempted to move it from the basement. It took nearly two hours to find success and I'm fairly certain I heard grown men scream like girls when the thing about toppled down the stairs.

There was the moment when I quietly asked God to give me a spirit of contentment. I was so stinkin excited for my sister and her husband but oh how I too would love to build my own home - the new carpet, the fresh paint, the modern floor plan, the cutting edge appliances - it would be nice. It makes a man want to run home and put his house up for sale. God reminded me with a new home comes a new mortgage and from that point on I was fine.

There was the time that I was saddened that my wife Amy wasn't there to share the day with me. To know that we toured the home several months ago when it was just under roof and to know that she would never see the finished brought such a sick feeling. But then God gently reminded me that some day I will have a new home in heaven and just maybe He'll let Amy take me on the grand tour. Oh what a day that will be!

And then there were the many times people rolled through my thoughts and I had a moment to pray for a "life situation" they found themselves in or simply to thank God for what I knew He was doing in there lives - Neil, Scott, Judy, Becky, my dad, just to mention a few that I had the privledge to take to the Father.

I don't know about you, but I'm glad that I serve a God who desires to converse with me continually.


Jay Copestick said...

Chad, what a great topic to come across your Blog site. As you know, Robin and I are ungoing the moving process. Needless to say it has kept us very busy the past few weeks. I look forward to the next few weeks when we can settle into the new house, and hopefully find a buyer for our current. During this time, I have reflected upon the great family and spiritual presence that surrounds us. We would not be able to make this transition without the help of both of our wonderful families, and the wonderful things that God has given us.

I find myself looking forward to making our new house a home, finding the right chruch that we can sink our roots in, and sharing this experience with the truly wonderful women that is my wife.

Although we will be a little further from Falmouth and Antioch, we will not be stangers. We have been blessed to have you share life experiences with us, and for that I am eternally grateful.

We look forward to seeing you, Emorie, and the friends we have made at Antioch in the coming weeks.


Darrel said...

I really appreciate this post. I live and minister in a very wealthy town and when I visit church members big and fancy homes I have to ask for forgiveness. I have never been one to need big and nice but I often get caught up in "Wow that would be nice."

I to am very thankful God desires to talk to us openly all of the time. I just really want to get better at it.

Sandi Moore said...

Chad, thanks for sharing the pic of house (& Emrie).

steve-o said...

It's stuff like this that shows why you need to be blogging. Well said. Keep the thoughts coming, man.

Don Doerr said...

Chad...what a special day we had helping Carriann move into her new home. This blogging is pretty neat, I now know the emotions that you were experiencing. I too was missing Amy's presence. I miss her so much. What a beautiful picture, to imagine Amy giving you a tour of your mansion in heaven. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love you.