Monday, May 22, 2006

A Surreal Moment

I just returned from the cemetery. Amy's head stone came in today, just in time for Memorial Day. Though I had never been to her grave alone, I couldn't help but drive by on my way home for lunch.

It seems that with every day comes yet another reminder that my wife is not coming back. There's something surreal about standing alone in the back of a cemetery and seeing the picture of the one you had planned to spend a lifetime with, etched upon a granite stone.

I'm glad I went. I shed a few tears, thought much about our past and my future, and poured my heart out to God. I'm convinced that He has an incredible future for me and Emrie. It's just hard right now, from my perspective, to see over the mountain that stands in front of me.


Keith said...

I believe you know that an eternity with God, Jesus and Amy in heaven is so much better than just a lifetime here on Earth.

I know you look forward to that reunion in Heaven.

Frank Ellis said...

Just to let you know that uncle Frank and aunt Patty are thinking of you and the baby.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chad, Bill and I continue to pray for you. I'm glad you were moved to go to the cemetary and spent time with Ame, talking to her and God. Sometimes, one day at a time is too much; that is a very, very big mountain. The song, "Take my hand Precious Lord" comes to my mind. 5 min. at a time. Aunt Sandi

Lawrence said...

Chad, your faith is inspirational!

preacherman said...

I am praying for you and Emrie every day. Thank you for sharing. Your faith is as Lawrence said inspirational.

I am having a hard time getting over not being able to be there for you during the funeral time.

Anonymous said...

As you are facing this mountain, just remember two things:

1. You have friends and family that will not let you climb this mountain alone.

2. Remember that Jesus is at the top supervising the climb.

Love Ya Chad ! Glenda

Anonymous said...

Though There Be Mountains...

May mountains never separate you from God's intended journey.

May they be neither too high, nor too steep that you may not surpass them.

May they challenge you to conquer in Jesus' mighty name.