Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thunder Struck

Call me crazy but I've always been fascinated with thunder storms. My favorite part is just before the rain falls and you can feel the temperature drop and the winds pick up. You can see the leaves turn over in the trees and the branches sway as if they know what's coming. I love to watch the sky draw black and the ominous clouds form.

I've not pinpointed why I like it so much. I hope it doesn't mean I need counseling. I remember in college I actually bought a cd that had an hours worth of storms. The rain and cracking thunder may have drove my roommate crazy.

Tonight, Emrie and I rode our bike to the river and were skipping rocks when a nice storm blew in. We made it home before the downpour, mom, but it was a great feeling to be on the river as the storm made it's approach. I have to say that I love God's storms just as much as I love his sunsets.

We're due to get another big storm overnight. I may crack my window so I can hear it thunder.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite childhood memories is that me and Daddy would sit on the front porch and watch the storms. I'm not a bit afraid of them and I'm trying to teach my kids that that's just God cleaning out the air. I love to watch the sky and see the lighting streak it so powerfully. And the cool breeze right after a storm smells the best. I'll be thinking of you the next time one rolls in. If God is that powerful think of how great His love must be for us, and how He can clean out our "air"

Anonymous said...

What an AWESOME God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love nature too! God has his fingerprints everywhere ! How can disbelievers not see it?????? What a world that they are missing and what a creator they are denying! (He can only be denied for such a short bit of time :) )

Anonymous said...

ok;this is so,,kool!i also love when a storm roll's in , it's so wonderful how quickley thing's can change .just a blast of his nostril!the wind is my favorite part. i feel as if god's telling me it'll all be ok.i have alot of memories too from child hood!my great grandmother was a storm watcher too!she loved the rain too ,and the lord with all her heart! she was awsome!she also use to say when the sun was out, and it was rainning the devil's wife was beating him with a frying pan, his pain and god's joy shinning threw! as a child i thought she lost it as i grew i thought how awsome a believer in our lord she was!god is so great everything he gives us[daily]! his compassion is NEW every morning.i love the lightning too, god remind's us he's alway's in control!all that we love about this earth he's created,just wait untill we see our heavenly home! but in the mean time we see his beauty shinning like the star's too!nature is a tip of what he can do !