Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad

My dad turns 56 today.

I consider myself blessed to have the earthly father I do. He always worked hard to provide for our family but never let work get in the way of investing quality time in our lives. Growing up and being active in sports, I can't remeber but one game that he missed, and that was because he had just undergone surgery. He's never been afraid to communicate and express his love for his family and I guess that's why its always been easy for me to do the same. I love my dad and hope to have many more years together.

If you want to wish him a happy birthday, send him an email at


Sandi said...

Yes Chad your dad is not only a wonderful father, but a wonderful brother.......Aunt Sandi

Keith said...

Seeing your dad get a job he loves was a great blessing. And a bittersweet moment.

I loved the conversations we would have. It was guaranteed that when you ran into your father, he would have a smile on his face and when you left the conversation, you would have a smile on your face.

I know he enjoys where the Lord has placed him but we miss him SOOOO much.

I hope there is a time I can see if I can when a set off the father where I have not done so off the son.