Thursday, July 27, 2006


We made the trip south today and are finishing out our week of vacation in Maineville, Ohio. We had a great evening just playing with Carriann's family and are looking forward spending the day at Kings Island tomorrow. The kids are pumped and I'm looking forward to riding some rides I haven't been on in quite some time.

When I come back from vacation I will try to make a post about the Amish. They have always intrigued me and are prevalent in the northern parts of Ohio. I blogged some of my thoughts last night only to lose the post before going public.

Overall, Emrie and I are having a blast.


Sandi said...

Glad you are still having a good time with family. Have fun at Kings Island!

Sara said...

Glad to hear you had a gret trip. I'll be curious your take on the Amish... anyway, Have a great time at Kings Island - hope it stops raining for you!

Anonymous said...

Chad, I am glad you are having a good time on your vacation, I enjoy reading all your posts but will be anxiously awaiting your post on the they are interesting to me as well, so it will be nice to read your thoughts. Hope you have some good pics from the vacation...I was hoping for a BIG FISH STORY with a Picture....but guess thats out Have a safe trip home.

Evan said...

Kings' Island? Is that in the budget? :)

Keith said...

Yeah, did Dave Ramsey approve that Kings Island trip??????

I know you had a great vacation but it is good to have you back in PC. We are just going to have to get you doing some manly things, though......Beth Moore books, chick flick with Josh, ???????? :)