Friday, July 21, 2006


The days leading up to vacation are always somewhat crazy. You're often left to wonder if its worth it. But if you're like me, you don't wonder very long. I would work round the clock and skip meals to secure a week of r and r.

Thursday [my last full day in the office] was crazy as I tied up some last minute details for my staff and volunteers. Today, Emrie and I cleaned out the car [to make room for suitcases] and we will do laundry and pack tomorrow.

We leave after small group on Sunday night. I'll try to keep you updated throughout our vacation. We're pumped and heading to the Buckeye state. Josh, I'm bringing my fishing pole!


ernieb said...

Chad, I won't make it home before you leave. Have a nice time, and remember that pictures MUST accompany any and all fish stories.

Keith said...

May God keep you and Emrie safe and bring you back healthy and refreshed to your loving and waiting Antioch family.