Thursday, July 06, 2006

Red And Yellow, Black And White...

Emrie and I went to camp tonight and had dinner with a few kids from church. We ended up sticking around and worshiping with campers. Great decision. Midnight Prophet rocks!

But while the band was warming up Emrie struck up a conversation with one of the staff members who happened to be a student at CCU. She was wearing soccer shorts and had her socks pulled up to her knee caps so Emrie naturally asked her if she was a soccer player. The young lady informed Em that she only wore the socks high to protect her from mosquito bites, to which Emrie replied, "They don't bite me. They don't like black skin."

I first laughed at her rather odd response. After all, she's right in that the mosquitos seem to leave her alone, opting to draw blood from every exposed limb I have. But I got to thinking. Why would she refer to her skin tone as black? I've never described it as that. Her mom never described it as that. Sure, we've discussed her darker skin tone a time or two but we've always assured her that God gave her that pretty skin at birth. Oh, and you should hear the blunt but hillarious statements from her toddler friends who are perceptive enough to realize her skin is darker than theirs. But even they have never used the term "black" [that I know of]. So where did she pick it up?

Her skin color is what it is - a beautiful shade of brown - and frankly, I'm a bit jealous as to the incredible tan she maintains year round but I do find it interesting that she's picked up this cultural description for those who are blessed to have a darker skin color. Kids are so perceptive.

Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight...
Our latest trip to the Cincy Zoo


keith said...

Emrie is a beautiful girl and your phone will be very busy in years that will come much sooner than you will be comfortable with.

I long for heaven will people are really just judged for them rather than a skin color, age level, location they live or the accent of their voice.

Of course, making fun of Hoosier fans is perfectly acceptable.

Candie said...

Well...I have to agree with Keith....I think the good Lord above wouldn't mind the making fun of Hoosier fans thing....

You know its really weird how children pick up on things you would never expect them to pick up on. Phrases that you've never said...words you thought they have never heard before. I think the first thing I noticed about Shaina as she got older was her ability to use "big words" in a sentence and actually make sence. I am also amazed at her understanding of adult situations. You know, kids really do understand about things more than we think they do...and I firmly believe they sence things more than we would like them to. Children are small little delicate sponges that take in their environment more that you can imagine and often blame themselves for things they have no control over. My prayer for Shaina is that she takes from me the good...forgives me for the bad....and knows the difference.

Emrie is a lovely little girl with so much spunk! With the Lords help and your encouragement...she will grow to be a lovely young woman!

Sandi said...

Alright now! Yes, I believe the Lord has a wonderful sense of humor and He wouldn't mind the Hoosiers making fun of UK and OS jokes.......I found it heart warming to listen to the comments at Chad's church regarding HOOSIERMANIA, UK & OS.

I agree with Candie regarding how children are little sponges and absorb every little word and action of our human race. God knew what he was doing when He gave Emrie to you and Amy.......she is a very lucky little girl and has the whole congregation family, and immediate family members to be witnesses to her. She will be EXTRA-ORDINARY. Aunt Sandi