Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Two, Non-Smoking Please

I joked with a friend today that I was planning to open a Starbucks in Falmouth. Looks like somebody beat me to it. I opened the Falmouth Outlook tonight and read where two developers have purchased the old Moreland Drug Store and are revamping it to start a cafe style restaurant. I'm pumped!

For years Falmouth has been a joke when it comes to attracting new businesses. Flailing entrepreneurs have come and gone but quality establishments rarely succeed. The reasons are numerous [and warrants it's own post but I'm not going there] but the bottom line is...I want to see this thing succeed. It's within walking distance from my house and downtown Falmouth desperately needs thriving businesses.

From what I understand they plan to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with gourmet coffee [could I be so lucky as to have them serve frappes], specialty sandwiches, and juicy prime steaks. Sounds like Emrie and I will need to share our loyalty to Howard's Place.

I'll take a sirloin, medium well, buttered baked potato, and a diet Pepsi [oh they better serve Pepsi].

The new restaurant will occupy the Assembly Building which was built in 1892
and is listed on the US Department of Interior National Register of Historic Places.


Lonnie C. Love said...

Boy, I hope they will have chili cheese conies brought in from Gold Star Chili and maybe some red colored pop - cycles

steve-o said...

Diet Pepsi? In Kentucky?

I always thought it was a Coke state [er . . . Commonwealth].

Come on, Chad: everyone knows Diet Coke is the beverage of the gods.

Eric said...

I am thinking next they should put a Bass ProShop where the old jail was.

Candie said...

NOT FAIR! Where is Cynthiana's cool place to eat and hang out??? You know what I would absolutely LOVE to see....a christian coffee house near where I live. A place to hang out...a place to surf the internet (they of course will have wireless internet in my dream), gourmet coffee (they would have my favorite mexican blend), and live music on selected nights. If that were to happen...if you came to my house and I wasn't there I would be one of two places....Antioch Mills or my dream christian coffee house!

Don said...

Hey Chad...

Can you enlarge that OLD photo? I want to see if I recognize any of the "good old boys" that were in my Sunday School class there at Antioch, or maybe see a little Gary Barnard running around outside the building!!!


Mandy said...

I always laugh no matter how many times I read that comment about pepsi. Yes I love pepsi too.

But my fav. is the orange Mt. Dew