Sunday, September 17, 2006

Where's Emrie!

For those curious about how my counseling appointment went last Friday - it went great. The hour was well spent and though I don't feel the need to go back I do feel a peace of mind that I got an objective assessment.

That being said I was reminded today how much I miss my help mate. We had our annual church picnic today at the fairgrounds. In years past I would do the minister thing where I float around and talk to 300 people in three hours and my wife would keep an eye on Emrie. Today, though I talked to a ton of people, my thoughts were more focused on my daughter. It's difficult to maintain a conversation while you monitor the activities of a toddler. As I accompanied her to the playground and saw moms watching their children I was taken back that only a year ago that was my wife. How could I have known during last year's picnic that I would be doing the next one alone.

We had a great time and I only lost Em three times but we sure did miss her mommy.

To all moms...thank you for being the incredible help mate God designed you to be.

To all dads...make sure to tell your wife [frequently] what a blessing she is and never take for granted what she brings to the table.


Candie said...

I noticed you over there at the playground w/ Emrie at the picnic and you know what my first thought was..."thats so nice that during an event such as this, he is taking time out to spend with his daughter."
Although I know you must miss Amy in so many different ways and in so many ways your reminded of your loss, know that your doing a terrific job with Emrie and she is lucky to have a father who cares about her more than she can imagine.

Sandi said...

Thanks for letting us know about your appointment. Praise the Lord!

You are an amazing man/dad Chad. I have heard from a reliable source, that you are putting alot on your shoulders. And he is very worried about the burdens you carry. (my little brother) aka your poppa. Your heart appears to be so full of gratitude and great reminders to all!

Anonymous said...

I feel that you are also so blessed to have the other mommies to help keep an eye on Emrie as well as the congregation to understand you not being able to visit with everyone.

gretchenhs said...

Some us moms were sitting on the hill that we sat on with Amy last year at the picnic and remembering her there. We were watching Em and Portia compare lip gloss and knew Amy was there watching with us.
You are a good dad and minister Chad and we are all there to help you watch that sweet girl of yours.
Was one of the times you lost her when she was covered in dirt and you just couldn't find her in all of it??? Did you get my pictures? She told me she was wearing dirt shoes and asked if I could see her feet while standing in the dirt. THose kids say the funniest things!

We all love you both Chad!

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts took us back to last year too. Precious memories are a gift from God! Remember there are plenty of people ready to give a helping hand if you need the help or just to catch your breath. I know that is not the same but we are here for you.

Love Ya!
The Northcutt Family