Monday, November 27, 2006

Money Talk

Yesterday we wrapped up our four-week series on giving and I've found it rather interesting, to say the least, that our numbers have been down throughout this series. Being an optimist I'll just chalk it off to the fact that it's deer season in Kentucky, but then again that's a pitiful excuse as well:)

But I refuse to be disappointed by the low turn out because as I reflect back over the last four weeks I'm so excited about what God has done in the hearts and minds of His people. Our motivations to give are healthier then they've ever been and we are becoming better managers of what He has given us.

Just last night I heard a baby Christian share with our small group how she has recetnly started tithing. Her story was so honest and so raw. She said that she used to give whatever was in her pocket and admitted that by the end of the week there wasn't much to give. But she shared how this past week she actually counted out her tip money and set aside that 10% for the Lord. She was so excited to share. And I know she is not alone. So many others are beginning to take God at His Word in regards to their finances. It's been awesome to hear the stories!

I truly believe that how you and I view and handle money is a huge indicator in how intimately we are walking with Christ. So if you skipped this series because of the topic, shame on you. You can come back to church now:)


Margaret Feinberg said...

That's awesome about the testimony. I've heard from several pastors in different areas around the country that when giving is preached, attendance drops. I am grateful for you sharing the truth in really is one of the greatest things we can do-- to give and thus inherently receive.

Evan said...

Here's what you can do next time you approach this subject:

Just preach a series of messages on each of Jesus' 31 parables. As you go through, you'll touch on the topic of money 19 out of those 31 times.

At least then, they couldn't blame the preacher. They'd have to blame Jesus himself :).

I commend you for not itching ears.