Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Nativity Story Review

I give The Nativity Story two thumbs up! Though it's not the type of movie that brings you to the edge of your seat, it is well done.

There were several scenes in which tears came to my eyes. Maybe I'm just an emotional baseketcase but then again there is something about seeing the gospel unfold before your very eyes that is pretty powerful.

One of my favorite lines was from Mary, the mother of Jesus. She finds herself pregnant and in quite a predicament and her husband to be [Joseph] is unfolding the scenario. If he says the child is his, he would be lying. If he says it is not his, they will ask him what he wants to do. In all likelihood she would be stoned. Obviously scared she says, "There is a will for this child that is greater then that which they might do."

Great quote. Great movie. Plan to take someone over the Christmas holidays. It brings a fresh perspective on the all-familiar nativity story.

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gretchenhs said...

I haven't been to the movies in FOREVER, but I can't wait to go see this one. Thanks for the review Chad!