Thursday, November 09, 2006

Plan B

I love to listen to worship music in the morning as I'm showering and getting dressed. This morning I was playing a compilation cd. But when Chris Tomlin's "How Great Is Our God" came on, Emrie asked, "Daddy, which voice is yours?"

I said, "Honey, daddy's not on that cd. That's Chris Tomlin...but does that sound like daddy's singing voice?"

She nodded her head yes:)

I guess if this preaching gig doesn't work out, I could always go on the road with Chris.


Daniel said...

That's funny. My 3-year-old says every time she hears a guitar 'that's daddy.'

I gently tell her that, 'no, sweetie, that's David Crowder' (or whoever it is).

Lonnie C. Love said...

My oldest son's friends say the same things about me when I am playing basketball;
"Is that Kobe?" oh that is Brady's dad.

Sandi said...

Chad, you and your friends are so funny!