Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Can I Get A Pick?

For the bulk of this basketball season I have had the privilege of opening the church gym for the 30 & over crowd on Tuesday nights though it's a bit depressing to realize that I finally fit that demographic. Last night, however, I had to fill in for another volunteer and opened the gym on Monday night. The average age for our Monday night crowd is about 18 years of age. I have to say that I enjoyed playing with some guys that I hadn't seen in some time; guys that I'd played with in seasons past and had developed relationships with.

I walked away last night having made some disturbing observations:
  • The majority of young players are not being taught [or not embracing] the concept of team basketball; a ton of one-on-one play is what I saw Monday:(
  • The fundamentals of the game seem to have been lost. Last night I was never boxed out on a rebound. I never had a screen set for me. I never saw a pick and roll. It was a sad state of affairs.
  • The cursing was out of control. In the first hour that I was in the gym I know I heard 20-30 curse words. I've never expected the lost to talk like they're saved but I have to say that it broke my heart to know that these young men were so "disconnected" with God that they would walk into a church gym and drop the f bomb like they were at the park.

As I've had time to reflect on the contrast between the "new school" versus "old school" I have to say that the game seems to be changing. And though it's not all for the bad I sure do miss a good pick and roll:)


Evan said...

Hmmm...I didn't know Tubby brought the team to practice out at Antioch...

Sandi said...

Yes, a sad situation. You will find a way to communicate to those who "automatically" use fowl language in the gym that is a part of the House of God. Not to mention, those words are offensive to you. To thine ownself be true. You can do it.

The use of said language is so common when it comes to competitive sports. My sister in law gave me new words to say: boo boo, hiss-hiss. ha! how about "the bomb" insted of...........OR, JUST MAYBE THE YOUTH CAN COME UP WITH SOME ALTERNATIVE WORDS.........you will figure it out............IF GOD BRING YOU TO IT, HE WILL BRING YOU THROUGH IT.