Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Louisville Bound

I'm officially on vacation and Em and I are headed to Louisville in the morning.

Why, when given a week of vacation, would I choose to spend it in Louisville? Great question. I'll be honest with you; though Southeast is one of my favorite churches in America that's not why I'm headed to Louisville this week. And though I'm sure the Slugger museum is pretty cool, I'm not much of a baseball fan. And though I like Rick Pitino's style of ball, I'm not planning on catching a Cardinal game.

So why Louisville?

Here's a hint: It is has everything to do with post #173 and her name is Jennifer.

More to follow:)


Jenny said...

Have a great vacation!!! Can't eait until D-group starts up again.

Lonnie said...

Have a great vacation!!...
By the way, Kevin and I wanted to know if that "hole" in your office wall always been there, and if your computer monitor always had that "crack" on the screen? And, how important is a door that shuts properly to you?

Sandi said...

Well I don't know about everyone else, but I can't wait for the next post regarding this vacation!!!!!!!11 Have fun Chad, you and Em, we will continue to pray for you. Love Aunt Sandi

keith said...

Hoping your vacation was great.

I know you let God lead you in every step of your life and I am sure that this step is no different.

Anonymous said...

Enough suspense already! How was the trip to Louisville?!