Friday, December 08, 2006

What Did I Just Hear?

I wanted to share two comments I heard on television over the last 12 hours. One was expected, the other was not.
  • Before going to bed last night I was catching the late edition of SportsCenter. Stuart Scott was introducing the poll question and it was something about which celebrity birthday party would you most like to attend. Among those mentioned were Larry Bird, Terrell Owens, and Joe Paterno. But what caught me off guard was what Stuart Scott said before the segue. He mentioned that the poll obviously did not include the birthday of "our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ". I thought, "Wow!" I hear the Lord's name casually dropped [especially in the sports world] on a frequent basis but to hear him refer to Jesus as "our Lord and Savior" caught me off guard. And to think I was hearing this on SportsCenter of all places:)
  • This morning Emrie was watching Play House Disney and as I entered the room I heard a little animated character say, " whatever you celebrate, may you have a very Happy Holiday." I'm thinking, "Good one Disney! Way to be politically correct. Never mind that 95% of your viewing audience celebrates Christmas over the holidays."

The last 12 hours has only served to remind me that you never know what you're going to hear come out of the "boob tube".


Mom said...

Excuse me......but I don't think you were allowed to refer to the TV as the "boob tube" when you were living at home. I am sure I referred to the television in many unkindly words, but I don't recall that being one of them!! In reference to the Disney "Happy Holidays", I realize they are just covering the lefties out there, but there are our Jewish brothers who celebrate Hannakah (probably mispelled that - sorry), and that new to me African American holiday - Kawanza. However, I personally feel there are entirely too many people who "celebrate" Christmas, the Lord Jesus birthday, who should not be even recognizing it because Jesus is not in the picture at there house or better yet....NOT in their heart.

Lonnie said...

HaHa..Dude, you got in trouble with your mom.!!
Way to go Brenda

Sandi said...

Ha! Moms will never stop being moms. "Excuse me"!!!!!! Are you going to get soap in your mouth?

I love your mom as my own sister, and she still makes me laugh.

Violet Love said...

No its not the "boob tube" as u put it..I have a better name for it, "The Idiot Box"...But you got in trouble anyways, with your mother...Oh by the way KENTUCKY IS SPELLED HOW! :)

Kristi said...

As my pastor at Immanuel in Lexington put it this past Sunday, we need to use our outside voices and proclaim "Merry CHRISTmas" to all. We as christians need to push the media aside and restore our faith in the reason for the season. (except of course to our jewish brothers, ect..) God Bless, and Merry Christmas ;) Kristi