Thursday, January 11, 2007

Modest Barbie

Okay, so Emrie wanted to play Barbies tonight and because I'm secure in my masculinity I said yes. But for whatever reason my daughter seems to have more Barbies then she has clothes for those Barbies. I'm not quite sure why that is but we made the best of it anyway.

So after Emrie informed me that I had put the dress on upside down, I decided to jump on a teachable moment. Barbie's cleavage and exposed midriff forced the issue. The topic for the night: modesty. It wasn't easy to give a definition suitable for a four year old but I did my best. We had fun with it but more then anything I hope I made my point.

I think we assume that little girls automatically know what is acceptable and what is not and I'm not sure they do. If we leave it to society our children will certainly walk away with a distorted view on modesty. Because whether it's what they see on the television, the toy aisle, or the clothes rack, our young women are being taught that tight and revealing are in and acceptable. That's frightening!

I'll never forget a quote I heard from James MacDonald years ago. He said, "Dress that enhances your sexuality is sin!" It's not a message that goes over real well today but it's the truth. Modesty is a biblical concept that I hope my daughter readily embraces. But for now, I'm more then happy to choose her outfits:)


gretchenhs said...

Clothes these days are frightening!
Don't fear over the lack of Barbie clothes, my daughter likes to strip her Barbie's (and dolls) as well. We tell her they might get cold with no clothes on which usually helps to get them dressed, but they do go naked a lot. =) I think (hope) it's a stage. =)


Matt Coulter said...

Being that my daughter is only 9 months old, I have some time before I worry to much... but I am already thinking about having such talks. While the "minimalist" approach to dressing does seem popular, I am hoping there is a break point in the cycle so that by the time Hallie grows up, Haz-mat suits will be the new fad. :)

Anonymous said...

Hummmmm! Your were Ken, I hope...Would loved to have seen you in middle of floor playing Barbie's! how come NO pictures of that..:)

Anonymous said...


You will be amazed how you can make Barbie an outfit with paper towels and duck tape. (ha) You are going to have to get with it! (ha)