Sunday, January 21, 2007


This morning I was reminded how much children love snow. For most adults, the sight of a snow cover sidewalk and the thought of a slippery commute is enough to cringe. But if my daughter's reaction this morning is an indication of how children feel about the white stuff, they could care less about all the trouble it creates.

"Guess what's on the ground?" I said to her this morning while she was fighting to wake up.

As she she began to process what had happened while she slept, her eyes opened wide and she shouted, "Snow?!"

She then shot out of bed and ran to the window. She's been dying to use the new sled she got for Christmas. Though it was not the perfect snow, we made time to hit the slopes of Falmouth.

If only we adults could see life through the eyes of a child, life would be far more enjoyable.


Sandi said...

How exciting! Yes to see things through the eyes of a child is awesome and remind us of the simple things. Can't wait for the pics. Hope you had time to capture some.

Candie said...

I remember those days....truth is though, I still get excited about snow. Where I grew up, we didn't have much snow so when we get some I enjoy its beauty.