Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Up To Speed

It's a glorious thing. We now have high speed internet at the church. It's on now! We've been patiently waiting for years for the technology to make its way to the sticks and it finally arrived. did we ever do ministry without the internet:)


Badger said...

I think of that all the time. You read about the guys who would travel all week on horseback on a preaching circuit, writing their sermons by candlelight with nothing but their bibles, and I wonder how they did it. And their sermons were DEEP stuff too, not three points and a sermon. And they did all that with no 'net, commentaries, Logos, etc.

Then again, maybe that's how they were able to do it: less distractions.

Evan said...

Ah yes, the Internet. Whatever would we do without it.

Thank you, Al Gore...