Monday, March 19, 2007

Free Resource

I just wanted to share about the greatest "media" resource I've stumbled across in years. I've found that most churches struggle to use media and technology to effectively present the gospel because of the money and resources it takes to pull it off. Well, is now giving their stuff away for free and has set up a dynamic site in which they upload their graphics and video stuff. And did I mention it's free! If you are involved in this kind of stuff at your church you've got to check it out.

LifeChurch is one of the most creative churches in the world when it comes to presenting the message through media. Check out the jewel of a site here.


Andrew Statezny said...

Hi Chad,

Come down and visit us on a Saturday night sometime.

Andrew - Campus Pastor - Hendersonville Campus

Candie said...

Great stuff!! Thanks Chad