Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blown Away By The Draft

Wanted to comment on the '07 NFL Draft. I was disappointed to see my boy Brady drop to the 22nd overall pick but I was excited to see him go to the Browns. Its close to his hometown of Columbus and unless they're playing the Bengals or Colts, I have not problem pulling for Cleveland. I'll still be interested to see who has the better pro career - Quinn or Russell. I'm a little biased but I have to believe Brady is going to have a long, productive career. Will he be the next Joe Montana...only time will tell.

One other comment. I'm not an NFL junkie so I don't watch the draft from start to finish every year, like some, but I don't remember seeing that many defensive players drafted in the first round. I was amazed!


Evan said...

I felt bad for Quinn, but then I remembered, "Hey, he's going to make more money in a week than I'll make in a year." Then, all of a sudden, I didn't feel so bad anymore :).

keith said...

One of my favorite college QB's was drafted by the Browns one time and it didn't turn out to well for him. That would have been Tim Couch.

Chad's Dad said...

Keith...Tim Couch's problem was that he was Kentucky! Brady Quinn is from Notre Dame, that is like being a man among boys!!

Seriously, Couch had no line to protect him. I did like Couch because he looked like Chad's college roommate and best man, Kelly Carmichael! Likewise, one of my favorite college QB's was Mike Phipps from Purdue, he was drafted by the Browns, and once again, had no line to protect him. It's easy to get gun shy when you take a beating week end and week out. I hope they give Brady the protection he needs to get off to a good start. If that happens, look out Tom "Brady"! This Brady is for real.