Monday, April 23, 2007

Last Words

As I drove south on highway 27, as I've done hundreds of times on the way to the office, I was gripped by the reality that this is my last week at Antioch. Yikes!

I'm thinking, how do you wrap up an incredible eight year ministry with one sermon and a potluck meal? There is so much I want to say, so many lessons learned, so many people to thank, so many funny stories to tell (maybe I'll blog about my top 3 later this week). I want this last message to be special but then again, I'm doing what I've been doing every Sunday for the last six plus years - I'm preaching the Word of God in hopes that people will be drawn into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

As I drove to the church this morning I was unsure of what I would speak about. I've been in a series on David but I've been tempted to end the series and craft a special message for the grand finale. mid morning God had brought me to a passage of scripture that will allow me to do both. I'm staying in the series on David but the message will also allow me to share bits and pieces of my God story. It's a rarity that I'm this far along on a message by Monday evening but then again, this is good, as I have a lot of people I would like to spend time with this week...if time allows.

If you want to read ahead, the passage I plan to preach from is 2 Samuel 23:1-7. I've asked Drew Hamilton (one of our college students) to read the text as I open up. It's been a blessing to watch him grow and mature in Christ and think the world of this kid. I want him to play a part in this service because whether he knows it or not, God is going to use him to do mighty things for the kingdom. I think he would make a great minister:)

See you Sunday for the grand finale.


Evan said...

Drew might make a good minister someday, but he's terrible at Euchre :).

michael said... brother in law is in Radcliff; are you close to that area, and if not, can you recommend a more modern chruch in that area...E-Town?

He currently listens to Internet Campus.


Anonymous said...

Just a bit sad to make any comments already know our thoughts!!!! :)

Glenda Northcutt

PS: Just keep blogging and make sure somehow someway we can continue to hear sermons via computer.

drew said...

I like that Evan, starting the smack-talk early. Can't wait for camp bro. And thank you so much for your encouraging words Chad. I can't express how much God has grown me through you and Antioch. I remember the first time mom and I came, we sat in the very back row by the door. You and the congregation made us feel really welcome. I remember one Sunday you talked about the show Cheers, and that in the song it goes "Where everybody know your name," and how that's the way church should be. I've had a great five years at Antioch so far, and I'm looking forward for what's to come. Thanks for everything Chad, I better be seeing you often!

Anonymous said...

You Chad are truly going to be missed at Antioch. The amazing things you do for people are awesome and how you live your life through God makes myself and my husband want to do the same. You have inspired myself and so many others to follow Jesus and to have faith in him. I want to thank you personally because your prayers and friendship has made a difference in my husband's life, I enjoy watching him worship and believing in the lord. He is really going to miss his fishing buddy. Thank You Chad for all you do. Good luck to you and your family. Don't be a stranger you came back now ya here!!! And believe me we will come and see you and your new church.Take care and see you Sunday.

Eric said...

Elvis has left the building!!
..All I can say is Thank You

I think I will hang up fishing.


violet said...