Saturday, May 19, 2007


Please join me in praying for:
  • the sale of both my home and Jennifer's
  • the purchase of a four bedroom home in Floyd County, Indiana by the start of next school year
  • our children (Kayla, Jalen, Emrie & Christian) as they adjust to so many changes
  • my new marriage to Jennifer
  • that God would use me to speak to the people of Greenville Christian over the next two weeks

There's so much I could ask you to pray for but we'll leave it at that.


violet said...

Chad saw your For Sale Gone?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that we will be praying for you and your new family. I am sure that you have had some "hectic" times packing up etc. You are never to far away from the hearts and prayers of the people of Antioch !

Evan is doing a great job!!!!! He is a wonderful minister with meaningful and challenging messages!!!

Your presence is missed :)

Take care !!!!!!!!!!

Glenda N and Family

Eirc said...

I will pray for you to find a home with a lake. And as far as Saturday goes I think Lonnie should be in charge of the non-breakable items. Because as our father would say,"He Don't know how to lift."

Mike said...

If your looking a for homes near Greenville, there are quite a few newly built homes in our subdivision about 8 miles from Greenville in Palmyra.