Monday, June 04, 2007

House Hunt

Jennifer and I hooked up with some new friends (the Hansons) and went driving around Floyd County for homes. Most of the homes we stumbled upon today were out of our price range but we are confident that God has just the right home waiting for us.

It's so tempting to secure a 30 year mortgage and therefore buy a more expensive house but I'm adamant on financing no more than 15 years. It's a short term sacrifice that I'm certain will pay long term dividends.

Thanks Glen and Jenny for the tour and thanks to their children who watched ours as we catted around town.

Also, be in prayer for us as there is a house being sold at a Sheriff's auction on June 12th that we're interested in. We're researching as best we can and praying that God will hook us up if this is the house.


Evan said...

Stick to your guns, my brother (the 15-year).

Anonymous said...


Don't know if you remember me but I sang with the ensemble and my sister at GCC. Anyway I wanted to let you know that we just went through an exhausted search for land and built a log home. We initially wanted the FK area but it was just too expensive. We ended up in New Salibury (in between Palmyra and Georgetown) and only 15/20 minutes from GCC. We love it here and the kids really like the North Harrison schools. Morgan (ranked really high in IN for elementary schools) and North Harrison are good schools and the student ratio is much better than Fk schools.

If you would like a tour of this area and look at homes, please let me know.

Good luck with the wedding and God Bless your time under you come to join GCC.

Kelly Groves

Anonymous said...

Hey! I recognize you! You shaved your head and drank the Kool-Aid of Dave Ramsey! Way to go! Stick to your guns on the 15-year fixed rate loan!

Joy Upchurch

Amy said...

Hey Chad,

Kuddos on the Floyd County vs Harrison County home prices, that Kelly mentioned. We were searching last summer, and found that in Harrison County you can get more house for your money. I grew up in Floyd County and wanted to stay there, but I love it where we are now, which is just right outside of Floyd.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers on the house thing as well as your wedding this weekend. I hope you all have a blast!


aunt Sandi said...

How about a small farm? Heck with the basement. Of course, a must have is a barn for the horse, and the kids to play in. I don't know if you remember grandma's barn when all you grandkids used to jump on top of the hay. Gosh, can't wait for the family get togethers. Just a hint.