Friday, July 20, 2007

The Scavenger Hunt

I get a weekly e-mail newsletter from Familyman Ministries that encourages dads in their all important role as father/husband and I wanted to share an excerpt from today's. It was very challenging.

The guy who writes the column travels the country speaking to men and he shares the story about a dad who called his kids together and asked them to go on a little scavenger hunt and bring him what they thought was his most valued possession. He relayed how he was sure they would bring him his Bible or a family photo but was blown away when instead one child brought him the TV remote control and the others brought him other items that revealed where he spent most of his time.

What would your kids bring back?


Just a readin' Keith said...

For me and where they would say I spend most of my time would be the room they have designated as "Daddy's library."

Amy said... that gets a person thinking, doesn't it?

Kimberly Kane said...

I think my kids would bring me a phone and a computer. Since I work from home, they see me with my fingers stuck to keyboard and my ear attached to a phone. It's sometimes difficult to explain that Mommy is working--yet I'm at home. Hopefully someday they'll understand that I'm working from home because I want to at least be home with them--even if I am working.

on a side note, you've got me hooked on the blogging. I've started one too!

Anonymous said...

I think that is a great idea, you can learn alot from your kids, and a lot about yourself