Friday, September 28, 2007

Going All The Way

If you follow my blog, you know that one of my favorite preachers and church leaders right now is Craig Groechel. I wanted to let you know about his new book Going All The Way: Preparing For a Marriage That Goes The Distance. I've not read it yet, as it won't be released until October 2, but I have heard Craig preach on the topics of sex and marriage and he is right on. Looking forward to reading it. We all know that marriages in our day and time can use all the help in the world going the distance.

I've also added a commercial that they are planning to play at the upcoming Catalyst conference.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great book, Chad. Faithful couples who are obviously in great love together as they walk with the Lord are a powerful witness. Growing up as a Catholic, my family was taught that marriage is a holy sacrament... along with communion, the priesthood, and baptism (among others). That has always added special significance to the entirety of "marriage" from wedding to intimacy to good times/bad times, and all the rest that make this a "mystery." Tony

Anonymous said...

Hi Chad! It's Amy Comello (Connor). How are you and your new family? I was glad to hear that you got married and that your family has grown! Congrats! I've still been enjoying your blog from time-to-time. I somehow lost your email address though so I figured I'd just write you here in your comment section and see if you wouldn't mind emailing me with it. I just wanted to ask you about something. My email is Just when you get time - I know you are probably busy! Thanks!!! Amy

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