Saturday, September 22, 2007

Marriage Conference

  1. Family Life invites pastors and their wives to attend their Weekend To Remember marriage conference at no cost and Jennifer and I took full advantage this weekend. Though we're missing tomorrow's sessions because of our Sunday obligations the conference has been fabulous and I highly recommend it, no matter how long you've been married. There was a couple that had only been married 21 days as well as a couple that were celebrating 45 years!

    Both of my big take aways were more reminders than anything but reminders I needed to hear and I want to share:

    The first reminder was that the marriage relationship needs to be the most important relationship in the family. The tendency is to allow the children to become the focal point.

    The second reminder was very practical. The presenter said he and his wife try to...

    1) pray together once a day
    2) share a date once a week
    3) take a weekend get-away to focus on your marriage at least once a year

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