Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Memorable Communion Moments

I talked about The Lord's Supper on Sunday and will attempt to answer some questions about this topic tonight at Round 2 but while I was doing some research, I stumbled across this blog by a preacher named Mike and got an idea. He asked his readers to share their most memorable communion moments and got some incredible stories. Take a moment to read the stories that were shared.

I want to hear your stories. Please share your most memorable communion moment(s)?


Anonymous said...

I grew up in a small baptist church in a little Indiana town called Covington. I was saved and baptized at 5 years old. Being baptist, my church only served communion several times a year. My grandpa was one of the sweetest, godliest men I've ever known and was a deacon and responsible for serving the sacraments. I was probably 6 years old on this particular Sunday when my grandpa, who was serving communion, passed right by me and I didn't get to partake. Needless to say, I was devastated and in tears by the end of the service. After church my grandpa asked why I was crying and I explained how I was sad that I had missed communion and that it was his fault because he didn't give it to me. He told me that it was such a serious matter that he didn't think I understood it, being so young. I then explained, in detail that I'll leave out now, that I knew that it was a way to remember the blood, body, and sacrifice that Jesus had made so I could be saved. The most memorable part of all was seeing my big strong grandpa break into tears, as big as my 6 year old tears, and apologize through a giant hug.

Junior Waterbury said...

Last week you told us to not partake in communion if we had a "scheduled sin," and that really got to me. Right there, I realized that I did, and that it just wouldn't be right for me to accept the elements. Talk about pain! I passed the body and blood without taking any, and I wanted to cry.

Anyway, I have done away with that sin, and I can't wait for communion this Sunday. So, it is with confidence that I say this, "My most memorable communion moment is going to be on Sunday Oct. 14, 2007! That is when I have communion with a renewed vision for what that ceremony means!"

Thanks for bringing your wisdom to our family at GCC, and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have you as a friend. Just when I get proud enough to think that I have learned everything, you remind me that I am but a babe...LOL

Rebecca Jo said...

I have many memorable commuion moments - but the freshest is May 6, 2007. That was the day Stephanie came to church for the final time & me & my friend were able to be "re-baptized" together - something we've been wanting to do for years. Before we got ready, Vicki Meredith wanted Steph to hear her communion prayer. It was very touching & got us in the spirit. But I can remember Stephanie sitting in her chair that was pulled up front & someone brought her the communion tray & looked right in her eyes & said "This is the Body of Christ that was given for you - This is the Blood of Christ shed for you" - At that moment, knowing my friend was getting ready to go spend eternity with Jesus - it brought on such a deeper emotion - such a feeling of gratitude for what this Lord's Supper truly represents - Christ's love for us! It was a powerful moment I'll always cherish.

Kelly said...

I shared last night that one of my favorite ways to share the Lord's Supper was at a one of our previous churches when they would have "family communion". They set up about 8 stations about the church and you went up as a family. If you were single or perhaps a single parent and child you joined another family you were close to. The father of one of the families would share in saying the pray and speaking about what this represents and pass the elements. It was so much more memorable and brough a closeness to bond that family. We did this a couple times a year and when we did the service was more concentrated on the Lord's Supper - kind of like this past Sunday when your message centered around it. Thanks for reminding us why each and every time we must not take this time of worship for granted.