Friday, October 19, 2007

Track Back

I preparation for Sunday's message I've been tracking my spiritual family tree. It's been fun. The point I hoping to drive home Sunday is that God is using us to impact His kingdom one relational encounter at a time.

For example - my mom's co-worker, Sonia Stewart, invited my mom to church. She liked it so much she invite my dad. Because my mom and dad found Jesus, I was raised in the church where I would fall in love with Jesus as well. I in turn have devoted my entire life to helping as many people come to Jesus as possible.

How could Sonia know the impact of that one invitation?

Take a moment this week and track your spiritual family tree. Who led you to Christ? Who led them? Who led them? Who led them?

You get the point.

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Lonnie said...

Here is a good one..
Cathy (my wife invites me..) I love Jesus... become a Minister, Adopt a son.. HE invites his uncle Eric.. and Eric gets saved!!