Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Financial Peace University

Last night was our opening night for Financial Peace University and we have been blown away by the response. The number of families involved has grown so rapidly that I've lost count. I don't know what I would do without my wonderful administrative assistant:) Last I heard we had 35+ families involved. I'm praying that the next 91 days will change these families forever!


Anonymous said...

Financial Peace University really opened up our eyes to finances. It won't be too much longer (about 5 or so years) and we'll be debt free. A little different for us with the store and all. Granted we're not as into Dave as our instructor was/is. But I have a feeling Evan could pintch hit for Dave Ramsey any time he needs a fill in. Just ask Stacey! :o). I pray that your young couples / families / high school students grab on to this and secure their financial future. Wish someone had told us that SAVING and NOT getting into credit card debt could be so simple. It takes no time for your finances to get out of wack, but a longer time to get your ducks in a row. Best of luck. This is important stuff.
Hope all is well with your family.

Evan said...

Pinch hit for Dave? Heck, I could take his spot any day (I'm joking, of course...sort of).

Funny story. Last night, while driving, Stacey & I were listening to Dave's show. He was talking to a pastor's wife about their family's struggles, and he made this comment: "Most pastors aren't very good with money."

My wife turns to me and says, "Dave hasn't met you has he?"

My wife doesn't say much, but when she does, it's often worth a million bucks :). But don't tell her I said that :) :) :).

Anonymous said...

Did Stacey really laugh that hard?
And if you are going to step in for Dave you must have the right clothes. Tan pants, maroon shirt... remember? Anyway, glad we went through all of those weeks. Chad,hope your group laughs as much as we did, but we also were quite touched at times too. How can something so simple be so not practiced?
I'll be talking to Stacey, Evan, think she will back your story?