Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Reflections

It's been a while since I last blogged and to be real honest, I just haven't felt like it. I'm so busy and it's such a struggle to balance family and ministry and I've had to make some decisions as to where to appropriate my time, and I'm sorry but blogging doesn't rank high on the list:)

But this morning's worship experiences have led me to break my blogging fast:) Let me say this. There have been a select few (and that may be an overstatement as I can only remember a couple) worship experiences where I felt like the presence of God was moving in an extra special way. Today was such an occasion!

I guess I need to preface that by saying that I have sensed for some time that God has been preparing to take me and my church to the next level and so I've been holding on to this sense of divine expectation. I've been patiently waiting for the Lord to do His thing and today...I think he began a move of His Spirit that I can't wait to see come to fruition.

I have this passion to create a culture of unrestrained worship. I'm tired of holding back and want to lead a people who refuse to hold back in worshiping God with all their might. And today, though I think we've got a long way to go, I felt the worship was more passionate and more expressive than I've ever experienced at GCC. Walls were broken down. I have no doubt the Spirit of God was upon me as I spoke His word. And the response to the invitation was indescribable - people coming broken before the Lord, many weeping uncontrollably as the Holy Spirit ministered to them. Wow!

Please pray for me as I attempt press in to God, seeking to hear His voice, longing to know where we go from here.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! I would have so enjoyed being at your worship service where people let down their defenses and allow the Holy Spirit move within them. I find so many times during service where I attend or anywhere as far as that goes, I sometimes close my eyes and truly picture the Lord God Almighty present at the front of the sancutary. For some reason, I usually visualize Him in a beautiful deep royal blue robe as He stands magnificent and tall. That is how He helps me block out the people around me and think solely on Him! I want my worship & praise to be REAL whether I am in a church building, my car or reading His word. I just want to be REAL. It may sound redundant, however as someone who has tried to "grow in Christ" for greater than 25 years, I know so many times, I just "showed up" and my praise came from the outside of my heart, not from the depths. I am personally so grateful He has allowed me to continue growing spiritually to the point where I have the desire to lay my heart wide open and my mind "prostrate" before Him. When you really think about, He deserves no less.

Vicki M said...

WOW is right! I've been at GCC for a long time and other than the occassion where Stephanie and Rebecca were baptized together, I have never felt the Holy Spirit so strong in a service as today's. Also, I was in both services and I can tell you that the presence was there the entire time! I was one of those on my knees this morning and want you to know how much I appreciate your passion in this movement. The emotions were so real, and your compassion for this church body far exceeds anything I could have ever hoped for in my christian walk. I'm so looking forward to the explosion of worship and growth that the Lord is bringing to GCC. God bless you and your family for your dedication and genuine care for His saints!

Joe said...

I can't even begin to describe the way I felt during worship yesterday. The walls were broken down indeed and the reward for stepping out was so great that it was almost unreal. It was truly a great example of "stepping out of the boat". For too long I have felt like God has been asking us "Where are you" in our worship services and yesterday I think was the first time that we all felt that we could truly worship our God with total freedom. I do believe this is just the beginning of something great and I would encourage others to just feel free to worship the Lord however your heart tells you to. Like the message we received said, "sweat the small stuff". If we paid attention to every detail such as following your heart in worship I do believe that many lives will be changed in the process. May God continue to bless our church and may we come to the point in our spiritual walks where we hold nothing back. Afterall the Lord deserves ALL of us because that is what he gave us, ALL of himself!

gretchenhs said...

I wish I had come to experience that. We went to my childhood church yesterday and I commented to Steve afterwards that I got nothing out of Sunday school or the sermon. Sounds like I was visiting the wrong church!
Glory be to God Chad, you are where you are needed for sure.

Rebecca Jo said...

Coming off of the high of BELIEVE - & witnessing 5,000 jr high kids worshipping their God - it was amazing to come back to our home church & be able to freely worship in the same atmosphere that we just came from. I pray it sparks a revival in our church that inspires more & more people to step outside of their comfort zones - to focus on the one true thing - our Heavenly Father.

The message you delivered felt so inspired & touched so many - it was a day full of the Holy Spirit moving. I'm so blessed to have been there to witness how God works! Thanks for all you do Chad - you are moving our church in an amazing direction that I pray just keeps giving glory to our King!