Saturday, April 05, 2008

Technological Purgatory

My aunt, who has become legendary for sweet hook ups, bought me an iPhone for my birthday back in March. That's great...right? You better believe it, saying it's the greatest techno gadget I've ever held in my hand. But here's the kicker...I won't be able to use it until mid May! Oh, you have no idea how painful it's been to look at the box but know that I can't play with it for another month. The way it's set up is that Apple has a contract with AT&T as the exclusive carrier for the new iPhone. In other words, I'll have to switch carriers after being with Verizon for the last ump-teen years, but my two year contract won't be up until mid-May:(

So meanwhile, to scratch the itch, I resort to watching the video tour online and anxiously await the day my new phone is activated!

Let me know if you're currently an AT&T customer. Even more, let me know if you have an iPhone and how you like it.


Mandy said...

Chad my dad works for AT&T and he loves them. They are a really good company and when our contract is up with verizon Michael and I plan on switching to Them. I would love an IPhone but it's not the time for one. But my father says they are very good, but are more for those who are very good with gadgets as they can be a bit confusing at times. But the people at AT&T are very friendly with explain any questions or concerns one might have. Let me know what you think of yours when you get to use it. :)

jesse said...

I love my iphone. I have only had it since Feb but I LOVE IT!!!! Easy to use, any technology you want right at your fingertips. I find myself utilizing many of the programms. The hardest part to me is the key board. It is straight forward but I tend to hit the wrong letters a lot. I have like At&t so far. I was with sprint since I first had a cell phone, so it was hard to switch but I have had good luck so far. I find that I text message a lot more with it so I need to increase my text message plan. You will love it. It is really wonderful!!! Hurry up May!!!
Take care Chad!

Lonnie said...

I love my "I-Phone" too...!!! It is so cool.. When my 1982 "office" phone rings.. "I" get to answere it.. (haha) that was pretty sweet!!