Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've with Kayla all day today on her 8th grade mission trip. I served with about 50 of her classmates at CAI. Before I sign off for the night I had to tell you about Peter. Peter grew up in suburbia Boston and by the time he was 34 he had made enough money in the '90's computer explosion to retire. He had everything the world deems a success - tons of money, homes (plural), owned some investment companies (plural). All the while Peter said he was a carnal Christian. But then he had a Damascus road experiene that would change the course of his life. He felt like God told him to give it all away. Give it away! At one time he was financially set and now he had nothing, in a worldly sense. He had stored up great wealth in terms of the kingdom. He said in a matter of time his fortune was down to a single dollar...And God told him to give it away! Wow! Now this single guy travels the globe and basically goes wherever God tells him to go and stays until God sends him elsewhere. Today he was at New Life International and I thank God our paths crossed. His sacrificial life was an inspiration to me.

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gretchenhs said...

Oh if we could all learn to listen that well.
Be still and listen.