Sunday, May 14, 2006

Born To Be A Mother

Some women were just born to be mothers. My wife and Emrie's mother was such a woman. When her dream of having a child of her own became an impossibility she quickly embraced God's plan for adoption. Amy became a mother on August 17, 2002. The long awaited "hand off" would take place at Tates Creek Christian Church. We in the adoption world like to call it "gotcha" day. Emrie Elizabeth was 6 weeks old when we brought her home.

Amy was a natural when it came to motherhood. She was a gifted teacher. Every moment with Emrie was a teachable moment. She was always so patient with her. To this day, I see so much of Amy in our daughter. Her dramitic personality, her love for music [I think she's going to be a pianist], her love for books, her generosity, and so much more.

I'm not sure I'll ever understand why Amy's time as a mother was abbreviated. But I trust that God knows what He's doing. My prayer is that the three plus years Amy spent with Emrie will leave an indelible impact upon her life.

We miss you Ame.


Anonymous said...

Without a doubt Emrie will become an extraordinary little girl even though she had such a short time with Amy, as we all miss Amy, Emrie will learn much about her mom through all the wonderful things she done in our lives.

Happy Mother's Day to you are doing a great job!

steve-o said...

Thinking of you two this Mother's Day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Amy and Emrie.

Anonymous said...

You and Emrie were in my thoughts and prayers all day yesterday. We all miss Amy, but we also rest in the faith that God will give you the tools to raise Emrie to be a beautiful Godly woman...just like her mom. Amy was truly an inspiration to me. Seeing her picture on here brought tears to my eyes. I think it's great you can put all of this into words and let us know that it's not a piece of cake...and you still need our prayers now more than ever! - Robin W.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome loving picture you shared with all of us Chad. Thank you. And thank you for your courage to share your feelings with all of us who are truly blessed to know you (and be related to you ha!. And yes, through all of this, we continue to pray for you and Emrie. Glad to hear Emrie is alot like Amy...what a blessing for you, a little pint-size Amy! Love/hugs/prayers Aunt Sandi