Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Simple Night

My daughter is down for the night and my plan is to make a quick post and be in bed reading by 10:00pm. I felt slugish today and I think it's becaues I haven't been getting enough sleep.

Before I sign out I want to share a quote from Steve Carr's blog. Steve was really the one who inspired me to start this whole blogging thing and in this particular post he talks about RSS. It may be of benefit for all you avid readers.

"I know this is internet 101, but I've been meaning to post this tip for awhile. If you frequent a lot of blogs and websites that post new content and aren't using an RSS reader, you're wasting your time. On most site [and almost all blogs] you can subscribe to an RSS feed [stands for "Really Simple Syndication"] so you only have to go to one place to do your reading. I use Google Reader, where I get all the updated content I'm subscribed to. It's Really, Simple, Stupid [just keeping with the acronym, people]. I'm able to scan the content from 50 sites in minutes as opposed to having to click bookmarks or enter in url's. I know this is really basic for some of you, but many of you are missing out. Let me know if that tip was helpful."


Matt Coulter said...

While the RSS feeder is cool on its own, you can take it one step further and add it to your Google personalized homepage as well. Thanks Google, you give me something new to do everyday... which reminds me, the new Google Trends is a fun research tool (for the FBI) to see what people are into these days.

Chad Doerr said...

Thought I might add that if you're looking for my feed, click on the orange icon at the bottom of my sidebar. If you have trouble setting it up, drop me an email.