Thursday, May 11, 2006

No Ordinary Child

Over lunch today I shared the following thought with a life long friend; something I had received from the Lord a few weeks ago and thought I might share it with you. It has revoluntionized the way I pray for my daughter and if you have children I hope it encourages you as well. If you don't have children, just pray for mine!

It happened for me on April 27 [that was 'pre-blog' thus the reason it was never posted]. I was reading a message from Stephen in Acts 7 and in verse 20 he referred to Moses as being "no ordinary child". I thought, "Stop the presses! That's what I want for my daughter! I don't want her to be ordinary. I want her to be extraordinary!"

Since then I have placed that scripture reference on her picture [I must say it's a cute picture] in my office and multiple times a day I offer a quick prayer to the Lord. "Make her extraordinary. Not for my glory but for Yours Lord. Use her for something special."

May our children fail to be ordinary. May they be extraordinary for the Kingdom!


Anonymous said...

Chad! This is an awesome thought for prayer for our children. I never thought to pray for my children or grandchildren to be EXTRAORDINARY for the LORD. I also noticed that in your CONFESSION blog, you didn't want to be "ordinary" on your blog site. Interesting huh! ha. You are a true blessing for anyone that knows you Chad; as a human being sharing your inner most thoughts and how you ALWAYS turn to the Lord for guidance. Keep up the good work and I find you to be a TRUE SERVANT OF THE LORD..... Aunt Sandi

preacherman said...

Chad, as I look at my little two and a half year old girl I am going to stary saying this prayer.

By the way Chad your gift at putting your thoughts down on the blog is great. You make me think every time. Course you make me cry a lot as well. You really are one great dude.


Keith said...

I must agree it is a cute picture and explains the Scripture reference I noticed on it.

Here's a prayer that there will be at least 3 extraordinary children growing up at Antioch.