Friday, May 12, 2006

Stay Out Of The Kitchen

The in-laws are out of town for the weekend so I ventured out on my own for dinner; and I'm not talking about dining out. For the first time in...well...maybe ever, I cooked a full blown meal. Don't worry Emeril, your job is secure. The serving was horrible!

Here's a run down. I threw a slab of red meat [found out later that it was an arm roast] in the crock pot, wrapped some baked potatoes and threw them in the oven at 350, and whipped up a can of mixed veggies. Top that off with a few Chips Ahoy "knock offs" and Emrie and I were in business! Not really because the arm [pit] roast was tough as a saddle and the veggies were nasty and would have been better in a pot pie. But I nailed the baked potatoes! Emrie and I might hit McDonalds later tonight.

With the kitchen experience behind me, I have to say I miss my wife more than ever. Though her absence is felt in far more places then just the kitchen, she loved to cook and made it appear effortless. It was such a blessing to come home from work and have a freshly cooked meal ready to be served. I miss that.

With Mother's Day right around the corner, this is probably not the last post that will mention Amy. She was my life partner, she was my best friend, and I miss her more than words can ever express. Please pray for my daughter and I as we wade through the many emotions this holiday will bring.


keith said...

Arm roast? Do cows have arms to have an arm roast? :)

As most things in your life, I am sure that you put your mind to it and you will become a great chef.

Or maybe I will shore up on my McDonald's stock.

Anonymous said...

Yes Chad, the canned mixed veggies are downright nasty!!! I don't even put them in my soups, yuck...I bet Amy was smiling and chuckling in your efforts to be a chef! Don't give up, cooking runs in the ya Aunt Sandi