Thursday, May 25, 2006

What's The Score?

Thought I might take a moment and share what I'm currently reading. "7 Practices of Effective Ministry" is a book that came highly recommended and is written by a team of pastors from North Point Community Church. It opens with an incredible baseball analogy that allows their team to upack seven practices - thus the name.

I'm currently digesting the first practice which is "clarifying the win". The concept is used of a scoreboard. It allows a team to know if they are winning or losing. And though most organizations don't have a literal scoreboard, they do recognize the need to keep score. For example, public companies post third-quarter gains. Schools report their test scores. Television networks have their Nielson ratings. If any of these indicators plummet, drastic changes are immediately made. Yet the church seems to be lacking at times in their attempt to identify whether or not they are wining or losing. We're not always good at clarifying what a win is.

One of the quotes that has resonated with me thus far is Andy Stanley statement that reads: "The church should be more determined than any other kind of organization to "clarify the win" simply because the stakes are so much higher: Eternity hangs in the balance."

Don't get me wrong. I've never wanted the church to be a business but why should any business be more strategic and thoughtful and more efficent than the church?

Keeping with the theme, I would like to reccomend a recent post on Dave Ferguson's blog. He's an innovative pastor from the Chicago area.

We'll talk later. I need to go check the score!


Sandi said...

Chad, Antioch Mills is one of the most heart warming, spirit-filled churches, I have attended. You have the gift of touching many hearts, young and old, with your passion and love for the Lord. I listened, I saw - your church congregation definitely has the 3C's. Your LOVE for the LORD OUR GOD, and your PASSION to PRAISE HIM, pours into your ministry. You have an awesome team and wonderful people who witness for the Lord. Sandi

Candie said...

I'm not sure if I wouldn't call it a business of a church, we are in the business of leading people to Christ.
I also agree with Sandi...what a great church family we have at Antioch! From the first time I walked in the door, I never felt anything but warmth and from the first time I've heard a sermon I always felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Not to compare churches but for me, there has never been a church I've ever felt more at home in than Antioch. HOWEVER, we should (as a church) never lay stagnant...there are always people to reach...more to bring to Christ. I just find such encouragement to do that at Antioch ...more so than any other place I've attended.
Ok so if I were to give Antioch a would be a B - Always a B - This way we never lie dormant and we always strive for the A!

Sandi said...

Well said Candie