Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I Can't Wait!

This afternoon, while attending the funeral of a godly farmer, I had this incredible sense of anticipation for my heavenly home. I've shared before that my longing for heaven has never been stronger.

So in the spirit of anticipation, I’ve decided to share an abbreviated list of the things that can’t here soon enough.

  • My July vacation!
  • September…It’s Happening
  • The Catalyst Conference (October)
  • Nooma’s 13th release
  • James Dobson to finish writing “Bringing Up Girls”
  • Lower gas prices - yea right
  • High Speed Internet to come to Berry, Kentucky
  • To make my final house payment (hopefully 2015)
  • To pay cash for a new bass boat (won't happen until I pay the house off)
  • To hear my daughter say, "Daddy, I want to give my life to Jesus. Will you baptize me?"
  • My heavenly reunion with Amy and so many others

I'm sure that some will happen sooner than others, but I'm thankful I have experiences to look forward to.

1 comment:

Evan said...

Chad, all I can say is: Good luck paying cash for THAT boat. I'm not big on boats, but that looks pretty pricey to me.

Your list of "what I'm looking forward to's" got me to thinking about a looking forward to/wish list of my own:

* To be student loan free (and completely debt free) on July 27th of this year--Lord willing.

* For God to call me to Mt. Sinai, and etch in stone an 11th commandment, which reads: "Ministers shall not perform marriage ceremonies any longer."

* For Bob Russell to re-think this whole retirement thing.

* Excited about my 5th wedding anniversary on July 7th. We plan to do Olive Garden and then see "Pirates Of The Caribbean 2."

* Also excited about my daughter's 1st birthday--June 29th.

* Really looking forward to my daughter walking. She's taking about 8-10 steps an attempt right now, but she's got a ways to go yet.

* For Tubby Smith to be fired.

* For Tom Izzo/Rick Majerus/Pat Riley to be hired.

* And finally...for Emrie Doerr to hear stories about how godly and graceful her mother was...and for her to carry on that legacy.