Friday, May 26, 2006

You Know You're In Kentucky When...

Warning: If you are easily disgusted you may not want to read the following post.

Just when you think you've seen it all, then you visit the farm and reailze you haven't. Today, upon my daughter's request, we pulled off along a country road to observe some cows that were grazing and minding their own business. Towards the tail end [no pun intended] of our visit this cow begins to urinate. Now, if you've never seen a cow urinate, let me just tell you it's like Niagra Falls. I mean, we're talking gallons of fluid coming out at a high rate of speed! Though this was a site to behold, what happened next beat all I'd ever seen. As "Bessy" is finishing her business, up walks her friend who proceeds to belly up to the "drinking fountain", if you know what I mean. As one is going, the other is getting! What conservation.

Praise God for some of nature's funniest moments. It's good to laugh. Thanks "Bessy".


Sandi said...

This is hilarious. I remember when we lived in Dallas, TX and my grandson came for a visit. He said "HE NEEDED TO SAY HI TO THE COW". We stopped, he said hi, and we went on our way. Emrie is at a wonderful age to keep her daddy on his toes, and for you to see thru the eyes of a child. How awesome and loved the story. Keep us informed, and by the way, what was Emrie's take on this? aunt sandi

keith said...

I HAVE to know Emrie's reaction????????