Monday, June 05, 2006

Wallingford Worship

Emrie and I went on a road trip to Wallingford, Kentucky tonight. It was her first time to Wallingford. Can you believe it? [Wallingford is somewhere between Falmouth and nowhere]

I was speaking to a group of senior high students at Sugar Loaf Christian Camp. The focus for the evening was on worship and how it’s more than just singing a few songs and sitting through a church service. True worship is a lifestyle that expresses to God how much He means to us.

I wish I knew about true worship when I was their age. I hope they get it before I did. I knew God in high school but so much of my life didn’t reflect my love for Him. Day by day, God is opening my eyes to this “lifestyle” worship thing. I want Him to have my everything.

It was cool. During our travels, Casting Crowns’Lifesong” came on the radio. A great song and a much needed reminder.


Candie said...

Funny you should mention "lifestyle." I was talking to a friend today and we were discussing how he goes to bars to listen to bands play...but he doesn't drink (has never had a drink of alcohol in his life). I told him I used to feel the same way he did but that for me, it isn't the appropriate thing to do because:

1. It ruins my testimony if someone I've been talking to about Christ sees me walk into a bar

2. If Jesus were to come back right then and there, is that the place I would want him to see me...would this be pleasing to my Lord?

Now mind you, I listen to some secular music...mostly old stuff because today's music just isn't my thing me, its all about living a life that is pleasing to my God. I'm not perfect...I fail plenty of times....but as time goes on I'm working toward being more like him in all I do, and when I do fail, He is gracious enough to forgive me. Isn't the Lord just so awesome!

angie said...

I was "raised in the church," went to youth rallies and church camp, was baptized at age 9 believing that Jesus is the Son of God and he died to save me. However, it wasn't until nearly 25 years later that I finally understood what it meant to have a relationship with Christ.

I was in my 30s before I understood true worship. My dughter is 18 now and heading off to college soon. She's a baptized believer and thanks to Darrel and CCJ family (Jasper, IN), she's gotten a taste of true worship. I pray that it doesn't take her as long as me to truly feel it and live it.

Bless those like you and Darrel who live your message and share your hearts for God with young people.

Anonymous said...

Your mention of lifesong made me think of a quote from Casting Crown's web page...

"I was reminded once again that just because we cannot see God's purpose does not mean He doesn't have one. I was reminded that God is faithful, regardless of the circumstances. I was reminded that God is sovereign, and we're not. Finally, I was reminded that we cannot control how long our lifesongs last. We only can control how loud we sing them."

Chad Doerr said...

I appreciate the Casting Crowns quote and the other testimonies.

Amy Comello said...

Hi Chad! It’s funny...when I think back on high school I remember wanting to have that closeness with God – like you had. I wanted to be as into going to church and studying the bible as you were. So even though you wish your worship would have been stronger, you STILL had a huge influence on many people and you were a great role model! I know what you are saying though. I feel like God is just now opening my eyes to true worship too and teaching me to live my life through Him. It’s amazing the difference you feel. You just want everyone to experience it!!

PS - I'm really enjoying reading your blog!