Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Anger In The Outfield

We're in the midst of our series on James and Sunday we get to camp out on the part in chapter one where James says, " slow to anger." We're going to spend the message looking at anger and how through Christ we can experience victory in this area.

Today in my research I came across a sermon in which a guy brought out the point that so often anger is the second emotion. We blow up and get angry but most likely there is another emotion or sin at work in the underbelly.

For example [confession starts here], this past Tuesday we got shalacked in the championship game of our co-ed softball tournament. I'm talking like 20-3 or something like that. I quite counting after they broke twenty. I have to admit that though I started with a good attitude, as the game wore on and we kept making error after error and going deeper and deeper in the hole [that we never would come out of] I began to get angry. Angry at myself. Angry at my teammates. I never blew up but looking back I would like to replace my attitude.

But as I analyze the night’s events, anger wasn't the first item at work. It was pride and my ego that hated getting beat; let alone by as much as we did. It hurts to admit but it's the truth. I posted about it weeks ago but it reared its ugly head Tuesday.

To my teammates, please forgive me. I'm a work in progress.


Evan said...

I'm also a confessed anger-a-holic. And I too have been on many a lopsided sporting event (the losing end usually). The other night, I was finally on the winning side.

But I tell you, Chad...Antioch showed class in losing--even if it was by a large margin. We enjoyed playing you guys this year and look forward to friendly competition in the future.

Anonymous said...

forgive, we all had an attitude that night.

Sandi said...

I love this honesty about anger.

Anger is "1" letter away from dANGER........

Lonnie Love said...

One time I got angry when I they wouldn’t let me eat my
Three Musketeer candy bar in the waiting area of Landon’s doctor’s office.
It would have been different I guess if it was a hamburger. But it was just a delicious Three Musketeer bar.