Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bomb Squad

I read this week about a couple that traveled to London and while on their trip they learned that some of the bombs dropped on England during the war were still killing people. They turn up and sometimes explode at construction sites, in fishing nets, or on beaches. From my understanding, undetected bombs become more dangerous with time because corrosion can expose the detonator.

He made the comparison of how we so often bury our anger and how it surfaces years later and causes an explosion. If you have some unresolved anger, you may want to deal with it before you blow your nose off. Just a thought.


Jen said...

Now that's a good thought. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't look good without my nose!

Sandi said...

Danger! Anger is a topic my husband and I have been discussing with my nephew, Adam. All he could say was "I am angry". and I don't know why.....

Identifying "feelings" and giving them a name is foreign to most of us. What am"I feeling" What do you mean "feeling"? I strongly believe that generations before us did not "know how" to ASK what are we "feeling", nor did they have the time.

As I listened to my husband, "ASK ADAM, WHAT ARE YOU FEELING?" I was reminded yet again, my counseling sessions from years ago, how she (my counselor) would ask about how I felt, and she listened. Bill asking these questions, helped Adam identify, why HE was angry? The conversation "It" ended up being, everyone was "telling" him what to do, and how to feel, with the "you should nots", and to pray!; and being treated like he was 10 instead of 28. He said he did not know what to pray for, other than God to help his dad....NOT "him". WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/WHY Ended up his anger was directed at his mom and dad for keeping secrets from him. His brother, "telling/insisting, him what to do and how". God is GOOD!

GOD IS STILL AT WORK! I tell people to be patient with me, God isn't finished with me yet!