Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Broken People Welcoming Broken People

I've been wrestling with James 2 most of the day. It's the passage of scripture where James throws out a hypothetical situation where rich and poor enter the same church service and the rich guy is catered to as the poor guy is given a seat on the floor [I bet he was forced to sit up front too]. I have this strong suspicion that the church would be more likely to reach out to the broken of our society if she only realized her own brokenness.

Elton Trueblood worded it well in his book, Alternative To Futility. I stumbled across it tonight while reading another pastor's blog. Enjoy.

"The Christian church is not a society of integrated personalities, nor of philosophers, nor of mystics, nor even of good people. It is a society of broken personalities, of men and women with troubled minds, of people who know that they are not good. The Christian church is a society of sinners. It is the only society in the world, in which membership is based upon the single qualification that the candidate shall be unworthy of membership."

Elton Trueblood, Alternative To Futility (USA: Harper & Brothers, 1948), 64.


Candie said...

Confession time:

There are many times that I look on the streets of Cynthiana and think, "I should stop and invite them to church...or I should stop and tell them what Christ could do for them." I'm talking people that look physically broken...but after reading your blog I realize one thing...I may not look to broken on the outside, but I'm just as broken on the inside. Thank God I have Him to help me try and make sence of the pieces to make a person who tries her best to serve Him. Anyway...I find myself not asking these people to church for fear of what will happen if I did...would they be high or drunk when they came with me...would they take a shower...would they speak inappropriately and because of these reasons I don't ask. Truth is, I should trust that God will provide myself AND them a safe haven when coming into his house and know that if I just allow Him...his will would be done. Why am I being so selfish to enjoy My God and not share Him. Wouldn't it be nice if they knew there was a Savior out there who can help them make sence of the pieces too? Its a thought....

preacherman said...

A friend of mine sent me that very quote yesturday.