Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Grace or Stupidity?

I don't have a lot of time to make a post before leaving for the day but I've been chewing on a recent news event that took place in Hardin County, Ohio.

Two high school athletes stole a decoy deer, painted obscenities on it, put it in the middle of a rural road at night and waited to see what would happen. What proceeded to happen was two teens were nearly killed that night. Robert Roby Jr., who was 18 at the time, swerved his car and crashed, nearly costing him a leg. He is facing his 11 th surgery since the crash. Roby’s passenger, Dustin Zachariah, who was 17, suffered broken bones, collapsed lungs and brain damage. His mother says he now has the cognitive ability of a sixth-grader.

Here's the kicker. The judge sentenced the boys to six months in jail but only after they finish the football season. Hmmm.


Sara said...

Wow...Is it any wonder why we are hearing more and more stories in the media similar to those of Maurice Clarett or Chris Henry (to name a few)?

Sandi said...

grrrrrrrrr! I am sick of these judges and their decisions. Man, I would love to let "Bill O'Reilly's - NO SPIN ZONE" know about this one too.

He has no mercy on the this type of decision a judge makes concerning kids.

Mike said...

This only reinforces to kids that they can do stupid things without fear of consequences. I know i sound like an old fart (i just turned 30) but where is the accountibility???

Evan said...

Stupidity is the answer to your question.

Jen said...