Monday, August 21, 2006

Put A Helmet On

Tonight Emrie asked if she could ride her bike without the training wheels so I decided I would give her the first of many lessons.

Eager as a spring chicken, she strapped on the protective apparel, I disassembled the training wheels, and we set off for an empty parking lot.

She never quite got the hang of it but then again I never let go of the seat. I guess daddy was more frightened then she was.

But the whole process made me think of my relationship with God. For most of my life I've ridden with training wheels [and probably still do for all I know] but there are those moments in life in which God asks me to trust Him as he shakes off the supports and lets me ride. Like my daughter, I get excited and say, "Look at me!" but my humanity so often blinds me to the reality that God never let go of my seat. I thought I was doing it all by myself but I wasn’t. His steadying presence was so vital to my success.

I'm certain there will come a day in the not too distant future that I let go of Emrie's seat and watch her ride off into the distance. But I hope that's where the analogy stops. I pray that God will never remove his steady right hand from the back of my seat. I'm realizing with every pedal I take that I need Him more and more.


Sandi said...

WOW! I love your analogy. Gosh, hard to believe she's 4 and ready for the bike.

Reminds me of "he who thinks he is standing firm, had better be careful he does not fall" somewhere in Corinthians. Makes me angry not remembering. Help me here, and I promise to remember and drill it in my head yet again. And, I do love that verse.

Kelly said...

That's a good analogy to how Steve and I have felt this past year in moving, starting a church, and becoming parents! Definitely feeling vulnerable and knowing that we HAVE to trust in God -- or fall! : )

Jana said...

Love the picture!!

Sandi said...

What a cute picture. Thank you for taking the extra time to post it. Gosh, isn't she beautiful!

Violet Love said...


Jen said...

That's a beautiful way of putting it, Chad.
So refreshing and encouraging
I needed that today!

Minal said...

Loved the post and the picture.


Hal said...

Used your thoughts in my Bible School lesson today. It fit well and was warmily received.