Sunday, August 20, 2006

Confessions Of A Former Youth Minister

Having worked exclusively with children and students the first two years of my ministry, it is bitter sweet when I see kids that spent time in my ministry. Some of them have checked out of church and are living for the world and all it's pleasures. Others are a bit confused and waffling back and forth. And yet others are growing in their faith and walk with Christ still today.

And I think it's easy to become discouraged as you consider the volume of students you failed to impact. But tonight, as I set across from Mandy and her husband Michael in D-group, God reminded me that not all my former students are distant from God.

Mandy has a pretty cool testimony. She was a high school sophomore when I started working with the Antioch youth. She was a bright and beautiful kid who made some poor decisions when it came to the dating relationships she chose to be a part of. She and her family would leave Antioch just before I started preaching and shortly after, she would become pregnant out of wedlock and found herself married after graduation. But God was not done with Mandy. Over the last 6 or 7 years God has brought her husband to faith in Christ, she has become actively involved in another church, and a is a godly wife and mother of two and has been attending the small group that meets in my home for the last year.

As I glanced across the room and saw Mandy and her husband sharing a Bible and learning together, I was reminded that my two years in youth ministry were not in vain.


Sandi said...

Wow Chad, what another beautiful witness how God has used YOU to do HIS WORK.

I remember so clearly, the "angels " God sent to help me in my walk..My angels were VERY SAFE PEOPLE for me as I learned to "crawl" in my Walk with the Lord and learn HIS words. I believe YOU are one of their ANGELS. Has anyone ever called YOU an angel?

I'm very proud of you and happy to see how the Lord has shown you another miracle by saying yes to HIS work.........Aunt Sandi

Mandy said...

Chad you were and always have been my favorite youth minister. You have been a great example for myself and seem to really bring out the best in Michael.

I will say though that Amy was one of the few people who really affected who I am. i remember all the times she talked with me. The times I stayed over and she would just listen to me. I really miss her. I'm not good about sharing deep feelings. I remember crying the day I found out about Amy. I felt guilt for all the time I had let go between seeing her. When you invited us to come to your house for the 40 days of perpose I remmeger thinking about how I can't wait to see and talk to Amy again. What little time I was able to was a blessing. I don't know a more Godly women than her.