Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dance Fever

Last night I took Emrie to the Alexandria Dance Adcademy to sign up for lessons. She was so excited! While I was waiting in line to register and talk to her instructor, she was soaking up the moment. The mirrors, the hand rails [I'm sure there's a technical term], and the beatiful hardwood floors. She had never been in a room dedicated to dancing! It was so neat to see her excitement. She came out of the studio doing a ballet swirl.

Here's my thing. I just want my daughter to enjoy dancing for what it is, BUT I fear that as with everything else, there will be this temptation for it to become so much more. The temptation to become better than the next girl. The temptation to enjoy the "stage" too much. The temptation to impress her teacher. The temptation to conform to the "look".

Call me weird but I just want her to dance because she enjoys it. I'm excited to give her this opportunity. I just hope it stays pure.


kelly carmichael said...

Well if she dances anything like her daddy, you won't have anything to worry about.

I serve I Am said...

I can see it now..."Before our speaker comes to the stage for chapel today, Emrie Doerr will be doing an interpretive dance."

Chris Jones

Sandi said...

What a wonderful gift you are giving to dance!!! Most little girl"s dream!

From Saturday Night Live, "Get down, get down tonight!" You go girl. I bet she has that "soul going on too.

One of my granddaughters, Jadeyn, sings and dances to everything and is around Emrie's age. My other granddaughter, Kali, sings, dances and plays the guitar and drums to her own beat, and her freedom to express herself. (or at the guitar).They are so sweet when they express themselves.

Glad you signed her up, and looking forward to seeing her tutu on this site. aunt Sandi

cute vision - i serve i am said

Candie said...

Dance can be so much more than just dance. It's a great way to express yourself...a great way to de-stress. Not that Emrie has a whole lot of stress in her life but its something she can call "hers."

And whats this about.."Well if she dances anything like her daddy, you won't have anything to worry about." Now that is something I would like to see! You know Kevin was talking about needing people for skits and the like....hmmmm....why do I see a skit involving a dancing pastor? LOL I'm calling Kevin tomorrow. LOL

Anyhow...way to go dad! I'm sure Emrie will love dancing!

Jen said...

I think you're doing a wonderful thing!!
Dance on Girl, dance on!!