Saturday, August 05, 2006

Heavenly Digits

Emrie and I went fishing yesterday and out of nowhere she asks me, "Daddy, what is heaven's phone number?" She wanted to talk to Jesus.

I told her that heaven didn't have a phone that I knew of but that we could talk to Jesus anytime and we didn't need a phone.

That seemed to satisfy her curiosity for now.


Jeni said...

This morning Katie-Rae said, "Mommy, Jesus is coming back and when he does we are all going to fly with Him to Heaven and see our new house!" To that I replied, "yes baby, that's right." She asked "Mommy, do you think we will miss our old rooms?"
I love how children imagine!


Anonymous said...

And you were worried about her prayer life....have no fear she probably prays more than you would ever know. Keep up the good work!

keith said...

Wonder what God's ring tones would be???

Probably the UK Fight Song!!!! :)

Violet Love said...

YOU got that right Keith!
Indiana WHO?

Evan said...

That Keith sure is intelligent Chad. You should strive to become more like him.

Sara said...

Out of the mouth's of children! Nothing brings a parent more joy then to see the seed of Christ begin to sprout and blossom!

God Bless! - Oh, and for all you Indiana and UK fans, you are being led astray...Hail to the Victors needs to be your cry! (That's Michigan Wolverine's for you poor lost soul's)

Sandi said...

Out of the mouth of Babes!

I can't help but wonder when fishing with her daddy, if she wanted to talk/tell her mommy and knew her mommy was with Jesus? or did she want Jesus to send her mommy back?

Is there such a toy telephone that records phone conversations to Jesus and her mommy? (to help possibly to know her pain?)

I think Emrie is still in allot of pain missing her mommy, especially remembering her meltdown while baking cookies.