Thursday, August 03, 2006

I Love To Preach!

I admit that I love my vacations but give me a week off and I'm dying to get back in the pulpit. Tonight, I downloaded a sermon mp3 from Southland and listened as I cut the grass. The longer I listened the more excited I became.

Over the years I've become a student of preachin and therefore enjoy listening to other communicators, reading books on preaching [I'm getting ready to read Andy Stanley's new one] .

All that being said, I had a rather unusual thought cross my mind today. I was struggling to find direction with Sunday's message and the thought came to me, "Chad, you don't have a clue what in the world you're doing!" And I had to agree with myself. I don't really know what I'm doing but I've become thoroughly convinced over the last six years of preaching that God does. There's this Tomlin song we sing at Antioch that says, " use to weak to lead the strong." Many Sundays I can hardly sing that part without welling up with emotion as I resonate those words. God has been so faithful to give me His message to share on a weekly basis. It's the greatest feeling in the world to wrestle with a Biblical text all week and then share what you feel like God has asked you to share. I love what I do! See you in church.

Note: If you're a preacher, I recommend Brian Jones' blog, Speaking Out of Turn. He is taking a new direction that will focus on preaching and worship. Check it out here.


Evan said...

Hey man, thanks for the heads up in regards to Stanley's new book & the blog you mentioned.

Preaching is without question one of my favorite things to do in the world. I love the challenge of it, and though I'm far from where I need to be, it's a great calling--one that I hope I don't take for granted.

And I know Antioch is blessed with a preacher whose soul desire is to connect people to Christ & help them become more acquainted. Those of you from Antioch who read this: be grateful that God has given you Chad Doerr. He's a tremendous preacher, leader, father, & friend. He takes his calling seriously, and his desire is to make Antioch a people that glorify God & serve Him only.

And even though he's quenched the Spirit by being an IU fan, he's very open to doing God's will in every other area of life :).

Chad Doerr said...

Evan, I understand you're still a bit bitter about the spanking the Cats took at the hand of Indiana but do we need to hit below the belt?

I love you anyway.

preacherman said...

Go IU.

You guys just keep preaching the Word. I like the both of you love to preach. When I am preaching is the only time I really feel confident doing anything. Of course that thanks to the Holy Spirit and not my abilities, which I discover I lack more ever day.

Evan said...

Every dog has its day, Brother Doerr.

And yes, I love you anyway too :).

Candie said...

Chad...I was going to email you to tell you how much I really NEEDED sunday's message but after reading your blog, I figured I would just do it here.
As a single person, you wrestle with MANY things ...many temptations. Many many fact every sunday I feel like God has given you a message that was meant just for me. This past sunday was one of those times. Because of that message, I've decided to RUN away from something I should have been running away from a long time ago. So know this...God is speaking through you and your doing a great job being his hands and feet. I have been so BLESSED that God lead me to the church's website that day in October of last year. I'm so blessed he brought me to the door of Antioch Mills....and I'm honored to be a member.
Thank you so much for your message Sunday. I've been feeling a bit in the valley and that message has given me the rope to start climbing on the mountain again.
God Bless!